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Cardholder Testimonials

Testimonial 1: Casino employee finds the Skylight Debit Card to be anything but a gamble

Name: Andrew Y.
Cardholder since: May 2007

When Andrew first learned that his new job with a major Las Vegas casino would require that he submit bank account information for direct deposit enrollment, he was caught unprepared. He had a bank account but didn't want to use it for his payroll.

Fortunately for him, the casino offered employees the Skylight paycard as an alternative to direct deposit. Andrew did some research and learned that not only was Skylight associated with a prominent national bank, but they also offered powerful tools to help cardholders manage their money and track their finances.

"It's great! I found out I could access my account from work through an employee kiosk. The Online Banking Website is simple and puts everything I need to know right where I need it."

"It's been such a relief dealing with Skylight," he said. "I have a Visa debit card that lets me sign for my transactions wherever I shop. If I have an issue, I call Skylight and their customer care reps keep asking questions until they figure out what has happened and resolve it." Summing up his relationship with Skylight, he continued, "At a time when the economy is bad, it's good to know that there's someone I can trust with my money."

Testimonial 2: Skylight Debit Card helps improve hospital employee's financial well-being

Name: Jean B.
Cardholder since: December 2007

What Jean likes most about working at a hospital is the high level of professionalism and competence exhibited by the physicians and other staff members. Her next favorite element of her job is how the clinic provides her with access to a financial tool that has significant convenience and flexibility.

"I'd had bank accounts before Skylight and was altogether fed up with getting socked by fees left and right," Jean said. "I needed something that was less complicated to manage and easier to understand."

So, Jean enrolled with Skylight in 2007 and elected to upgrade to the Skylight Visa debit card in mid-2008. While she primarily uses the card for purchases, she also enjoys the ability to pay bills over the phone and is delighted that the card helps her save money.

"There are so many options available to me for free! I can have bills debited directly from my account or just call companies directly and pay them over the phone," she said. "I absolutely love the Account Alerts feature that Skylight offers. I just send a text to get my balance while I'm in line at the store, and before I walk out with my purchases, I get another text that tells me my new balance."

Jean discovered that the traits of professionalism and competence she so enjoys at the hospital have extended to Skylight.

Testimonial 3: Former Marine finds Skylight Debit Card helps with his financial self-discipline

Name: Samuel C.
Cardholder since: February 2004

As a former U.S. Marine, Samuel understands that camaraderie plays an important role in the military world. On a mission to take control of his finances in the civilian world, Sam went looking for a similar level of camaraderie from his local bank.

Frustrated with his bank's lack of service, Sam closed his account and joined forces with Skylight. "It looked hopeful," he explained. "I also liked that it was a Visa, so I could use it when I was on the road to pay for my gas, food, and hotels."

Sam found that Skylight offered more than a handsome card with a Visa logo. As a Skylight customer, he discovered that he had access to a team of well-trained service professionals who specialize in providing high-touch assistance to cardholders.

"When I call Skylight, their people are always polite and friendly. I feel like they really care about me and are willing to take the time to help me understand how to use the card and avoid fees. I didn't have that before," said Sam.

Today, Sam is taking advantage of Skylight's free Online Banking feature to track his balance and transactions. He has opened a sub-account for his son and likes the fact that he can transfer money online free of charge.

"It's great that so many free services are available to me," Sam said. "It's a tough economy. Now that I'm trying to manage my money more carefully, it's comforting to know that I have Skylight looking out for me."

Testimonial 4: Skylight Debit Card helps health services employee get a healthier financial future

Name: Sequoia C.
Cardholder since: April 2007

In a position where complicated paperwork is just part of the job, Sequoia is happy that her finances are finally simple. That wasn't the case before she enrolled in the Skylight paycard program.

"It wasn't like I couldn't get a bank account," Sequoia stated. "I got one for the first time when I was a teenager. My mom worked at the bank, which made it easy to get an account." She continued, "But the more I wanted to do with my bank account, the more complicated and expensive it got. I was just tired of dealing with it and closed it."

When the HR department at her hospital sent an e-mail to staff promoting the new Skylight paycard, Sequoia was intrigued. "I was looking for something simple that would still let me do all of the things I needed to do. For me, that simple solution turned out to be the Skylight paycard."

Sequoia received her Skylight paycard in April of 2007. Since that time, she reports using her card for "everything from ATM withdrawals, to paying bills online and by phone, to my everyday purchases." Of the many benefits offered to her through the Skylight paycard, her favorite is her stress-free paydays.

"I used to rush out to cash my check during lunch on Friday and had to pay someone to get my money. Today my paycheck is in my Skylight account on Thursday evening." Sequoia concludes, "The Skylight paycard gives me confidence. I know that my money will be there when and where I need it with no hassles and no complications."

Testimonial 5: Tire company rolls out Skylight Debit Card Account program

Name: Wy E.
Cardholder since: November 2006

Wy doesn't like to mess around when it comes to managing his finances. So when his employer announced plans to transition from paper checks to a direct-deposit-only payroll, Wy was glad to find Skylight.

"Around the same time that my employer was moving to direct deposit, the bank I usually visited began charging $5 each week to cash my check," Wy reported. "I knew something had to change and was glad my employer offered the Skylight paycard option."

After the first few deposits onto his Skylight paycard, he would immediately go down the street to the nearest ATM and pull out all of his money. As he began to realize that the money on his paycard wasn’t going to disappear, he started to appreciate the simplicity of it all. "I really like the Skylight paycard," he explained. "I'm the only one who knows the PIN. It's safe, secure, and there when I need it."

Of the many product features offered by his Skylight paycard, Wy enjoys Online Banking the most. He likes to log on to the Internet now and then to check his balance, and every Thursday afternoon he's able to see the deposit that will hit his account that night. On his way home from work, he calls Skylight's automated service line and immediately hears his balance and when his deposit will post.

"Each time I think I know about all of the things I can do with the Skylight program," he said, "they add something else to help me keep up with my funds." Wy's experience with Skylight is proof that managing your money doesn't have to be complicated.