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Simple Setup

The Skylight paycard is available without a credit check to anyone who holds a permanent address in the United States, has direct deposit, and can successfully complete identity verification.

Worldwide Acceptance

Cardholders will be able to withdraw cash at over a million ATMs worldwide and make PIN- or signature-based purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Also, cardholders can pay bills automatically from the account as often as needed.

For a small monthly fee, Skylight paycard users can open a sub-account and transfer money to that account free of charge. Cardholders can also open a joint account to add another person, such as a spouse, to their account.

The Skylight paycard can be used to receive direct deposit from any employer, so if a cardholder decides to switch jobs, the card can go right along with them.

Quick & Easy Deposits

After the first direct deposit, Skylight Financial will accept deposits via MoneyGram ExpressPayment® in addition to wire transfers and U.S. Postal Money Orders to fund the Skylight paycard.

Inexpensive Fund Transfers

Cardholders can safely and inexpensively move funds between accounts for access by a cardholder in another city, state, or country. By establishing a sub-account, Skylight Financial gives cardholders a way to instantly transfer funds nationally or internationally without incurring expensive fees.

Instant Issue

Employees who enroll receive an Instant Issue Pack. It includes a Skylight paycard with an activation sticker, terms and conditions, and a comprehensive user's guide that fully explains the Skylight paycard program in English and Spanish. Employees complete and sign the company direct deposit authorization form and return it to their employer. Employees call Skylight Financial to activate the card. Once the direct deposit is received and the card is activated, cardholders can access their account at ATM and POS locations nationwide.